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Fabulous productions in Nairobi

06 July

The Helen O'Grady Drama Academy aims to give children lots of opportunity to develop confidence in communication. The Productions each year are a highlight of this programme and this year the productions were amazing. 

Amar Desai, the Principal of the Nairobi Academy, is a seasoned director and he helped his incredible group of talented and dedicated teachers to produce amazing plays at the end of the Academic year.


The students really shone on stage and the parents could see the confidence from a year in the Academy shining through. To find out more about how your child can shine on the stage in Kenya, please click on the location link on this webpage.

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"We have been among the family of Helen O'Grady since the start. For almost 15 years my two sons, Khaled 18 and sherif 14, have participated in both drama program and summer and winter camps. It has been a corner stone of fun, inclusion, friendship, teamwork and pure joy. Khaled has started at age 3 years as a camper and progressed into volunteer and finally team leader. Sherif wouldn't dream of missing one da..."

- Parent, Cairo