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South Africa
26 July

Last week I challenged my teachers and students to put together a Musical in a Week!! And the outcome was absolutely fabulous.

The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy in Cape Town has been doing their Holiday Stage School for ages...  I thought it was about time that Gauteng got involved!

From Monday to Friday 31 students between the ages of 5-18 years attended our Stage school from 9-12pm everyday. They worked hard at various pieces of singing, dancing and acting, when Thursday came we pieced everything together and BOOM!!! We spent Friday exploring lights and staging and we ended off our last rehearsal getting the students to say one positive thing about someone they never knew before...  it was wonderful to see everyone from different ages and backgrounds mixing and adoring one another. Our week was so jam-packed that we had no time for cliques, they just focused on their task at hand and the result was new friendships formed and a bond that was so great to watch on stage!
Last night the students managed to pull off a Musical in a Week and the parents were raving about how impressed they were that in 15 hours we put together the show that we did.

We were so lucky to have Pop Idols top 7 Finalist Dené Vorster heading up our singing, 9 year Helen O'Grady Drama Academy  student Rachel Broll wrote and directed the scripts, and our dancing was choreographed by the amazingly talented dancer Sarah Weirich. Without these enthusiastic facilitators we would never have achieved what we did.

The general consensus from audience, students and teachers boiled down to the word PASSION...  it was our driving force from little ones to teenagers to teachers - it was our passion for performance that got us there :)

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"On Friday evening I witnessed the professional level of theatre that the Helen O' Grady Drama Academy is able to impart on our children and I needed to share my excitement with you. What they managed to achieve with Grade R learners was astounding! The school invested in lessons and the final product was showcased at the Prize-Giving and it was a wonderful and heart-warming experience."

- Department of Education Cape Town, South Africa