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Franchisee of the Year - Africa

21 July

And the winner of the Franchisee of the Year Award 2013 goes to Adila Budullah of our Mauritius Academy.  This is a very presitious award and goes to the principal who really develops their Academy to the highest standards.

Since taking on her Academy Adila has endeavoured to offer this amazing drama programme to as many children on Mauritius. She has worked with schools and developed her own private studios so the programme has become accessible for all. 

Also, she has invested a lot of time in training and development of her teachers so that they implement the Academy's famous international curriculum to the highest of standards. This means that the parents of the children of Mauritius are getting a top qualitiy education in drama and therefore they are world class in every respect.

Adila has been responsible for some of the best marketing thus far and she has a huge presence on the internet and on the island itself. Everyone has heard of this wonderful drama school and the enthusiasm of this wonderful principle. As Helen O'Grady herself said, 'enthusiasm is contagious' and Adila's enthusiasm for this programme has meant that man children in Mauritius are now speaking with confidence.

Our congratulations go to this wonderful principal!

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"Thank you for moulding our children into confident little people. As a parent, I can truly see the difference that this has made in my daughter's life."

- Mrs Walters, Port Elizabeth parent